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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rowan's Portrait Preview - Child & Family Photography

Meet my favorite new client Rowan and her family!  What a sweetie!  It was hard to narrow down the photos to only this many favorites.
'til next time,
Jana Miko
Miko Photography
Calgary's Child Photographer


Brittney Lopez said...

Hello Jana, My name is Brittney Lopez. I am a photography student in New South Wales, Australia and your photography is very inspiring. For my photogaphy assessment i must choose a portrait to analyse and i have chosen one of your portraits of Rowan. She is adorable. Though i must ask how old she was when these were taken? And if you dont mind me asking how old you are in order to do a photographers analysis?

Miko Photography said...

Hi Brittney, I'm not sure exactly how old Rowan was when we did this session butI would say about 9 months....
I am 36. All the best with your assignment! Let me know how it turns out.

Brittney Lopez said...

Hi Jana, It's Brittney again. The assignment turned out really well, handing it in tomorrow. Thankyou so much for all your help. Your work is amazing. I plan to do something like what you've done, when i finish school. Just a question, what brand of camera do you use.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Britt! I use a Nikon D700 - Love it! Be sure to invest in the good lenses though - They may be more important than the camera!

Brittney Lopez said...

I got 96/100 on my photography assignment. I topped my class.
I have heard Nikon are a good camera. At the moment i have a Canon, though I'm working towards something a bit more complex.
Thankyou for all you help and i will be sure to keep in touch.

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