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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Well, the new website is finally up(Yay!), this thing we call a blog has begun and to add to the chaos of the last few weeks I've added another learning curve called a blackberry (blackberry curve, actually - pardon the pun). In the meantime though, i have managed to have a little bit of fun and have some bitty bitty babes in the studio as well.

My own girls were thrilled to meet one of these tiny babies for a change as they are usually not around to have that pleasure. They of course also proceeded to freak-out his older brother, who is almost two; Kayla with her friendly outgoing nature and Madi just by steeling his toys & snack(I'm pretty sure she was eying up his socks too with her little sock fetish). Definitely nice to have a visit but maybe next time we should wait until after the session to unleash the hounds.

Here are a couple of images. Pardon my choices - i couldn't resist. Even after my girls were through with him we did manage to get a few with big bro and witnessed the birth of a tickle monster.

And i dug up big brothers images for a quick brotherly comparison. I think he was about 2 weeks older when he first visited the studio.... hmmmm....

Beautiful family you guys! Keep it up now! I'm sure the next one will be a girl.

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